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  • Amped Arms and Abs

    Complete strength training for the upper body muscle groups and abdominal section. Guaranteed to give you toned arms and a flatter midsection.

  • Barre Burn

    Utilizing ballet movements, standing isometrics, and progressive core training. This workout is aimed at slimming hips, tightening thighs, lifting seats and mobilizing metabolism.

  • Brazilian Buttocks Lift

    Specific lower body exercises that are designed to sculpt, tighten and tone your rear assets, entire legs and sculpted abs.

  • Bootcamp Conditioning

    Ten Hut! Come prepared to work out. Sweat and tone your entire body in this no nonsense, strength training and cardio class!

  • Cardio Drills & Muscle Skills

    This workout incorporates 10 minutes sessions of strength training for specific body parts and 10 minutes of cardio blast, for a total of three rounds. This is a complete body workout.

  • Complete Circuit

    A total body workout that guides you through a selection of circuits that are timed and trained. A super time efficient workout that will get you in and out fast and back to the daily grind!

  • Cize

    Get ready to turn it UP! This isn't like any dance workout you've ever seen. You'll get cardiovascular conditioning, core strengthening and overall muscle toning. You can burn fat and love every minute of it!

  • Fit Camp

    A challenging, enjoyable workout that leaves you satisfied and with results to show! This workout is a vigorous 25 minute spin ride (with other cardio formats) followed by a tabata and core section. For all fitness levels. Modifications will be shown.

  • Hatha Yoga

    A gentle flow vinyasa practice that focuses on traditional transitions between posture and awareness of breath and mind.


    This is completely cardio based. INSANITY is a total body workout that burns ultimate calories and improves your cardio conditioning. This is high-intensity interval training with athletic drills designed to keep the body moving and your heart PUMPING! Modifications are used to adapt to any fitness level.

  • Kick and Strength

    The best of both worlds; upbeat cardio kickboxing fused with total body toning. A great full body workout!

  • Pilates

    Pilates is one of the most effective workouts for the core around! Pilates places emphasis on techniques that will allow you to focus on strengthening your core, lengthening your muscles, and improving breathing.

  • PiYo™

    PiYo™ is a fun, challenging class that fuses Pilates with Yoga. You will definitely burn calories, tone muscles and work on balance. Bonus, you get a GREAT stretch!

  • Pure Kickboxing

    A high-impact workout that will sculpt your body. A fusion of authentic martial arts, boxing and cardiovascular training for an UNBEATABLE workout!

  • Pure Muscle Tone

    A full body strength training workout that creates lean muscle mass and burns body fat. All levels will enjoy this class!

  • Pure Step

    This high energy, funky step class integrates powerful step combinations. An awesome, fat burning workout featuring fun music and energetic choreography!

  • R.I.P.P.E.D

    A fun, high-energy, total body conditioning class. R.I.P.P.E.D alternates between 10 minutes of cardio drills and 10 minutes of intense weight training. All muscle groups will be targeting by combining free weights with anaerobic training!

  • Shred, Tone and Core

    20 minutes of fat shredding cardio, 20 minutes of muscle building strength and 20 minutes of core conditioning. Expect to be challenged and receive a total body reconditioning experience!

  • Silver Sneakers®

    Hand held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a Silver Sneakers® ball are offered for resistance. A chair is available, if needed, for seating or standing support.

  • Six Pack Abs and Glutes

    Great lower body workout designed to burn fat and tone muscles in the lower body. Legs and core are the primary target!

  • Spinning®

    Get the outdoor ride experience indoors! Set to motivating music, your instructor will guide you through various types of terrain, gear settings and speed levels!

  • Step and Strength

    Upbeat step choreography meets total body toning! This workout is the best of two worlds: cardio and weight training for maximum results and fun!

  • Turbo Kick®

    Looking for a FUN workout? This L.A. inspired class mixes heart pumping kickboxing with funky dance moves, all choreographed to the hottest music!

  • Vinyasa Yoga

    This dynamic yoga sequencing is all about breathing and energizing your body! By learning to breathe better, you will bring rest and clarity to the mind.

  • Weight Training 101

    Basic weight training exercises with the intent of conditioning the entire body. This is an EXCELLENT class for beginners and those just starting out in strength training!

  • Zumba®

    The hottest, low impact aerobic workout to hit the fitness industry! Zumba® is a fat burning, low impact and easy-to-follow cardio workout originating from Latin America.

  • Zumba Step®

    This classes combines the awesome toning and strengthening power of step aerobics with the fun-filled flair of Zumba®. It's practically a dance floor party that tones and strengthens!

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