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How do I apply for a membership?

Sign up is easy and only takes few minutes. You can either visit one of our locations and our friendly staff can assist you or you can sign up online right now!

What do I get with my membership?

We feel that our Platinum Plan is the best value in the health club industry – Free Classes, Babysitting, & Tanning. Please visit Our Services page, for details on our basic membership and to see all the great benefits that come with our Platinum Plan. Please note that amenities vary by location and may change from time to time.

Which is the club closest to me?

Please visit our website’s Locations page for information on clubs in your area. We are constantly updating this list as new club become available. Currently, there are more than 75 clubs in our Nationwide network – and more to come!

Can I visit more than one club?

Absolutely, and we hope you do! Both our Gold and Platinum plans come standard with multi-club access. Which means, for just a buck you can use any of our locations nationwide. For a list of all the locations you can use, please visit us at We will update this list as more clubs become available.

What Group Exercise classes do you offer?

Group Exercise (Group X) classes are always FREE for Platinum members. You can find class descriptions and club specific schedules listed on our website,, or by visiting a club today to grab a schedule. Zumba, Spinning, Yoga – we have them all. Come Join us for a class!

I have kids, do you offer babysitting at your club?

You bet we do! Babysitting is included with our Platinum memberships. If you are a current Gold member using the babysitting services, you will be able to continue to do so until March 15, 2013. You will need to convert to our Platinum Plan to use the babysitting services after March 15th. Please visit your local club for more details on babysitting.

Can I bring a friend or family member for free?

Platinum members are allowed to bring one friend for free during each visit. The guest must be 18 years or older or accompanied by Legal Guardian. Platinum Members must always be present while their guest is at the facility. All Platinum members’ guests receive Gold access.

Can my son or daughter come with me to the club?

Yes you can. Children ages 6 months to 12 years old may use our babysitting rooms and children 13 years and older can use the club under their guardian’s supervision, Platinum guest rules apply. Please check with your club on available amenities.

I have questions on my membership billing, where should I go?

Any questions regarding your billing and membership status please contact ABC Financial at 1-888-827-9262. You can always long on to for additional information and details about your membership. If this regarding personal training please contact

Can I take a tour of your club?

Absolutely! Please visit your local Blast Fitness and one of our team members will gladly give you a tour of our club. If you wish to simply work out for a day, you may purchase a day guest pass for $20.00. If on that day you decide to join, the $20.00 paid for your guest will be applied to your membership.

How can I apply for a career at Blast?

Thank you for your interest in our career opportunity’s at Blast Fitness. Please visit your nearest location to complete an application. Blast Fitness is an equal opportunity employer and is always looking to add smart, happy and hardworking people to our team.

Can my health insurance cover my membership?

Most Health Insurance Providers offer reimbursements. Once you contact your provider and see about eligibility, paperwork you need for your provider is available to you on line. You will need your 9 digit agreement number and visit to print out.

Can I change my membership at any time?

If you want to change your membership plan please visit your home club.

What should I do if I move away from my home club?

Blast Fitness Gold and Platinum plans grant you access to any of our clubs nationwide. Please visit the Locations page to find the club nearest club to where you are moving. If there is not a club near your new residence, before your official move please go to your home club and obtain a waiver from the club manager. Proper 30 day notice is required. To make sure the cancellation process is complete you must send the cancellation waiver in to ABC Financial at PO BOX 6800 Sherwood, AR 72124.

Personal Training Questions

If you participate in Blast Fitness personal training please email

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