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Personal Training Services by Blast FitnessFitness is a combination of several factors: muscle tone or muscularity, cardio endurance, low body fat, healthy organs and joints, flexibility, basic or athletic strength, and mental balance. The biggest contributor is your metabolism. If you have a high metabolism, exercise regularly with proper technique, as well as maintain a healthy diet, you will benefit in all areas of fitness. Our main objective is for you to achieve all your fitness goals. Based on your fitness level, body type, goals, and proven scientific principles; we will build a program to the results you want. Let's face it, if it was easy, everyone would be in shape already!

How our TEAM of trainers can help you

Custom fitness programs built just for you. Blast Fitness Trainers follow our proven process – a non-intimidating approach to evaluate the specific needs of one of our unique members. Personalized fitness & nutrition programs include cardio, strength, interval training & nutrition - built around your schedule.

TEACH - Our Certified Trainers will simplify the science into a fun and achievable program just for you. Don't worry, we will teach you how to use the equipment and proper technique for each exercise.

ENCOURAGE - Our professionals are here to provide the right tools for your success, including the mental encouragement to keep you motivated!

ACCOUNTABILITY - Accountability is key for you to reach your goals. We'll help you set your fitness goals, and keep you focused with creative programs and milestone tracking.

MAINTAIN - Achieving your goals is only the beginning. You worked too hard not to maintain the new you.

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Call Personal Training: (855) 805-0397 (option 2)

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